Camp Anahata

At Camp Anahata, we believe that time spent in nature is essential. Anahata is the 4th chakra (or heart chakra), and is the place of union between the physical world and the spiritual world. 

Join us for one of our weekly hikes, or make time in your busy schedule for a retreat in one of this country's stunningly beautiful National Parks. Get outside, connect with nature, and feed your soul! 

Our Symbol

The Heart Chakra Symbol is a lotus with twelve petals and a Shatkona, two intersecting triangles.

These triangles symbolize the union of Purusha (Consciousness) and Prakriti (Mother Nature). 

When we sink into the natural wonder around us, and into our deeper selves, we are in that heart space, united and whole.

Our Vision

To help create a world where self-care, self-study and wellness practices are the norm and are available to all people, everywhere. 

Our Mission

To inspire personal growth through a greater connection to the epic beauty of nature, both within and without.

Our Favorite Quote:

"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop."
- Rumi

Get Outside and Learn With Us
Camp Anahata offers a variety of opportunities to be outside, expand your approach to self-care, develop new skills and habits, and create more abundance in your life!! We can't wait to see you!
Camp Anahata Hike Meetup


How lucky are we to live in San Diego, where getting outdoors nearly every day is really possible? Whether or not you believe in ideas like the power of grounding (or earthing) or what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), big portions of the wellness community are starting to advocate what we know intuitively here in So-Cal - It feels great to get out into nature! 

Let's get out there, soak up some vitamin D, restore our natural circadian rhythms, and have fun doing it!!

Hikes are free (baring any permits or parking fees required by the state/federal government) and open to anyone who wants to join!!
Camp Anahata Retreats


Join us for a game changing experience in one of this country's beautiful National Parks! From Meditation and Yoga, to Hiking and Biking, Camp Anahata offers an experience that harkens back to the stay camps of your youth! 

Develop a regular meditation practice, experience yoga in the splendor of nature, try on new and different forms of breath or energy work and maybe even complete a camp craft or two! 

Our next retreat is a 5 day / 4 night adventure admidst the epic splendor of Yosemite National Park! 
Dates: May 14-18, 2020

Your Camp Counselors: Vanessa and Whitney

Visit our Retreats - Stay Camp page for details

**P.S. Yoga Teachers - All Camp Anahata retreats include 10-15 hours of CE Contact Hours for your  Yoga Alliance Certification!
Workshop: Myth and Philosophy Behind the Asanas

Although we loved stay camp as kids, day camp was a close second.

Our upcoming virtual workshop spanning the month of March 2021 focuses on yoga, philosophy lectures and daily meditation and journaling. Create habits and learn more about the many facets of yoga. 

Although these workshops will provide CE Credits for yoga teachers, they will cover topics that anyone can incorporate into their own wellness program!
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